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What is Forex Reward Bonus?

These bonuses comprise excellent alternatives for simple account management to work on your general exchanging activity, just as attractive rewards. The rewards are offering by the best forex brokers in the market who is regulated and reputable to most experienced traders. Every broker is not providing analysis reports for customers. Only a few reputable brokers are providing trading instructions to their customers. Sometimes they give the service with a permanent analyzer, and some are creating a prize pool, and it opens for every trader to publicly make their analysis. As a result, daily contributors will get a reward from the broker. A lot of brokers are providing fixed tips for engaging new customers by their loyalty.

Forex Featured Brokers


$10000 Trading Credit
30% Deposit Bonus
Broker Type : STP/ECN
Leverage up to 1:1000

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Free Trading Signals
Leverage - up to 1:200
Min: Deposit: $250
Broker Type: STP/ECN

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100% Free Bonus
Minimum Deposit $5
Leverage up to 1:1000

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15% Deposit Bonus
Minimum Deposit $100
Leverage up to 1:1000
Broker Type: ECN/STP

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$6000 Trading Bonus
50% Deposit Bonus
Leverage up to 1:1000
Minimum Deposit $25

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50% Deposit Bonus
Leverage up to 1:400
Minimum Deposit $100
Broker Type: NDD

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Some different types of Forex rewards bonus

Obviously, each broker has its own rules and terms and conditions, just as explicit prerequisites for its promotions and other maintaining systems for Forex rewards. Usually, these promotions are allowed to enter and are available to all clients – not exclusively for experienced clients or beginners. However, we can recognize the Forex rewards relying upon the final prize and the ultimate results you can get because of your assembled focuses. Here are the various types of Forex reward programs.

Forex rewards for trading

Do you know that how a broker is earning money? If you see that, it's pretty good. If you don't know how they are making money, you should know it. When a trader places an order in the market, the broker will charge you a minimal amount of trading charges or spread. When you withdraw your profits, they will charge a withdrawal fee from you, but not everyone. And that's the thing how they are earning money from traders. If they can bring more traders, they could get more commissions or spreads. Professional traders are trading a lot of trade volume in a single day while earning broker earnings from the client's trades. That's why brokers are trying to keep their customers happy. This is one of the best causes of providing forex rewards bonus program for the traders.

Forex Rewards for share

To expand the business, companies need to share themselves on social media. That's why sometimes brokers are arranging promotions to share themselves on social media. As a result, they provide rewards to the customer who shares themselves on the social media. A client has to follow all of the broker's criteria to get the bonus.

Forex rewards for analysis and sharing trading knowledge

There are a lot of brokers available that are providing bonuses for analyzing broker forums. Also, they are gifting tips for sharing the trading knowledge with other forum members. It helps the broker get more clients and keep their clients happy that that's why intelligent brokers are arranging these types of promotions for clients.

Forex rewards for gifts

There is a common thing available in the market between the brokers. They are holding contests or promotions in the form of mobile devices. Every forex broker is now trying to get engaged with mobile users. That's why they are building mobile-friendly trading platforms. But it is not enough to get more clients on mobile devices. That's why they are arranging rewards on mobile to attract customers. Because of these blessing rewards, you will want to track down some good Forex rewards. Traders could focus on cell phones, for example, smartphones, cool iPods, and tablets – generally with an all-around introduced to the broker page.